About the Prop Wash Gang

The Prop Wash Gang is a group of hundreds of former USAFSS, ESC, AFIC, AIA   and current AFIRSA Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) reconnaissance flyers. The group was founded by LarryTart in conjunction with the establishment of Vigilance Park at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, where a memorial was erected in memory of C-130A tail number 60528, shot down by Russian fighter aircraft over Soviet Armenia in 1958.

Many Prop Wash Gang members participate in an active Yahoo Group Forum where they tell war stories, discuss current events, plan reunions and exchange recipes for grits. If you are a current or former  SIGINT flyer and would like to join the Prop Wash Gang, send an email to Larry Lane with a brief list of your duty assignment(s). If you have been out of the service for a while, please include your post service activities. We are also proud to have one former and one current U.S. Navy flyers in the group who participated or are participating in our missions. 

There are no membership dues or fees.

Note:  Above is the "official" description of the Prop Wash Gang. In a recent post on the Yahoo Forum, one of our members put it this way:

We are a group of rapidly aging and steadily disappearing veterans, of a war that was fought with skills and talents not normally associated with the military, nor understood by the general public. Our pride is in accomplishments that are often secret, and memories are about things that happened, but will be officially denied.

-- Bill Mahan, 15 June 2008