MGAG August 2005

Gadsen, Alabama

Saturday, August 13th 2005

The monthly meeting of GAG was held yesterday at Cooter Brown's Rib Shack in Gadsden. It was nearly a disaster. Walked in and was met by the lady who took the reservations apologizing that they had no gas. I asked if that meant they couldn't cook for us. She explained that the lack of gas was for draft beers and there weren't any drafts available. I explained that the draft beer was the only reason we chose to congregate there. Darrell, who had arrived earlier with Brenda, knew of the horrid situation and was chuckling to himself as this situation was being explained to me. Talk about being angry!!!

Let's see now, in attendance were Darrell and Brenda, Ernie, Bert, John Kinney, Mavis and myself.

Anyway, we met, drank bottled beer, ate, and swapped yarns. Ernie and Bert graced us with their presence for the night in beautiful downtown Southside. We drank a little beer, smoked a little, and chatted a little. They left around 8:30 this morning on their way to either Augusta or Destin. Great spending time with these guys and the others who met for GAG.

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