Photos From FLAG 2005

FLAG 2005 was a smashing success, thanks in large part to the planning and preparation by hosts Dave and Shirley Bristol. Friday night, there was a memorable dinner in downtown Leesburg. Lee Anthony was there, but unfortunately had to leave, missing the remaining festivities. Saturday afternoon, about 40 people gathered at Dave's place. Among those were several people attending FLAG for the very first time: Ron & Elaine Witter, Terry and Sandra Garrett, Bob and Eileen Byrne, Hal and Alice Beavers and Jim Perleth. Saturday evening, we all gathered at The Crazy Gator on Lake Eustis for dinner. Below are a collection of photos taken by Dave Bristol and Jon Gwinn. If any of you have photos to add, please email them to me.

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Jim Gray & Dick Snyder Jack, Carolyn, Elaine Jim, Nate, Curt, Mike White Pelican
LRT & Jim Perleth Pete Olive & Jim Luther Pete & Jo Olive Jack & Butch
The Guys Bob & Eileen Byrne Dave Heberling Sun Yi, Alice, Carolyn
Dave & Butch Butch & Mavis Butch & Mavis Gaylyn, Cathy, Ron
Tarts & Gwinns Lee & Ernie LRT & Bob Byrne LRT
Cathy, Ron, Jim Mike & Roger Crazy Gator 01 Crazy Gator 02
Crazy Gator 03r Crazy Gator 04 Crazy Gator 05 Crazy Gator 06
Terry Garrett Ron & Dave LRT's Scrap Book The Gals 02
White Pelicans Lee, Lorne & Steve Dick Snyder Ernie & Jack
Mike & Debbie Doty Eileen & Sandy Lincoln & Bob Dave, Ernie & Susan
Lincoln Gilbert Elaine & Diane Ernie & Jack_02 Ron Buteau
Jim Perleth The Gals Pete, Hal, Nate, Butch Dave Bristol
Pete Olive Steve & Lorne Brumm Nate Britt The Guys
Jim, Dick, Ron, Jim Linc & Butch Sandra Garrett Riedels & Witters
Curt, Nate & Jim
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